About Greg Layton


Greg is an Executive Coach specialising in accelerating the careers of senior managers seeking C-level roles.

Greg has helped leaders from around the globe dominate in their high-pressure roles and build track records of success.

As a regular facilitator and keynote speaker, Greg’s leadership has been used by senior managers across industries to advance their careers through the intelligent implementation of key performance strategies.

In addition to sitting on the National Board of Bravehearts, coaching CEOs, and helping executive teams from multibillion dollar companies hit all-time performance heights, Greg has spent 15 years travelling the world to learn and master the world’s foremost performance techniques.

From living with Shaolin Monks in China, to racing in desert ultra-marathons, Greg has spent a lifetime studying the limits of personal endurance, mental strength, and peak performance. His clients include professional rugby players, professional golfers, professional tennis players, and elite executives from around the world.